Making most of your money by Jane Bryant Quinn


The new edition sees yet another shift in financial energies — a fresh round of serious borrowing, as the boomers start sending kids to college; a desire to save for retirement fast; and an obsession with keeping safe the profits that have already been made. Investing is getting more complex, as more financial products and services come to market and as traditional guideposts change. More than ever, investors need a clear path through the undergrowth.

The new “Making the Most of Your Money” is that path. It presents a new blueprint for twenty-first-century success.

“On investing: ” The markets will surprise you. Serious investors need a better understanding of asset allocation and how to diversify for global gains while minimizing risk. The new edition presents a variety of investment mixes for different purposes. You’ll also find a sophisticated guide to picking superior mutual funds.

“On paying for college: ” The entire federal financial-aid program has been overhauled. Much more money is available to middle-class families, making paying for college the art of the possible. This book takes you through all the money sources.

“On buying a home: ” The percentage of Americans owning their own homes is on an upswing. That’s because mortgage lenders are rapidly opening their doors to people who couldn’t get loans before. They also have the welcome mat out for young first-time buyers. You’ll find out here how all these new programs work.

What Readers Point about this Book:
“This book is awesome if you are interested in getting your financial life in order. Straight forward. Great coverage of everthing from mutual funds, to wills, to paying for your kids college. Also great facts to give your friends about the financial advantage of quiting smoking or getting a StarBucks every morning.”

“It might be a little dated, but I still learned a lot of financial principles for myself. This is more like an encyclopedia of all the smart financial decisions one must make throughout life. One does not have to read every page cover to cover, but it is a resource that one can flip through.”

The completely revised and updated “Making the Most of Your Money” will carry Americans through the millennium-pointing younger workers toward saving the rising incomes they’re going to earn, boomers toward the retirement that can be more successful than they think, and retirees toward an investment plan they can be comfortable with. With this edition, you’ll be making the most of your money ever. 

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